Mercy Street is:

"A Collection of Souls, Affected by Addiction"

Every Mercy Street gathering is unique.  The people are the common element.  

We use spoken word, music, art, prayer, laughter, food, and our own stories to unite us.

We meet in a safe church sanctuary for an planned hour, 

followed by food and conversation until we're satisfied.

Care for souls: 

In Active Use,

In Recovery, &

In Loss

Mercy Street gatherings seek to be as judgement-free as any group of people can be.  We welcome everyone who has been affected by addiction.  

We are all works-in-progress.

Compassion for 

Family Members

Mercy Street desires to listen to and love those who have suffered loss, near-loss, and especially those who are currently concerned about a loved one's well-being, you are not alone, you are loved and valued.


For All

By attending a Mercy Street gathering, we choose: 

 Understanding over Isolation,  

Sharing over Despair,

Hope over Fear.

We are shoulders to cry upon, we are arms of support,

we are hands folded together.

Mercy Street in the News:

A story from NPR's White House Correspondent, after her visit with us in December:

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