Vigil of Light

Addiction isolates.  Active users and their families get distanced from the healthier relationships they have known.

For those who have lost a loved one to the disease of addiction, every day may be full of painful triggers of loss.

At this Vigil of Light, we'll remember the souls no longer with us on earth, 

naming them and preserving their legacy.  

We will also hear from people in recovery from addiction, 

and share some ways to join the fight against the devil's poison of opiate addiction.

Families and children are welcome!  Particularly parents who wish to remind their teens and children of the realities of even one-time use.

For those able, we'll take a brief walk up Elm Street to offer prayers at the town's safety complex, expressing thanks to the First Responders who are called upon to care for addicts at the most critical and difficult times.

Departing the safety complex, we'll have opportunity to pay respects to those at the town cemetery.

Continuing back down Elm Street, all are invited to share food, drink and conversations to their level of comfort at the First Baptist Church, host of Mercy Street.

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